Some technology problems will occur on a regular basis, but with a help desk system in place, you can record the relevant notes on a ticket and upload files where necessary for resolving the problem. Anyone within the IT department team will have the ability to look through your tickets to solve the issue. In its essence, a help desk simplifies technology and keeps your IT running smoothly.

Whenever you experience tech issues, your employees can submit a ticket to fix the problem. This means that everyone can work much faster, and they can spend time being more productive and less time waiting for unnecessary manual processes. A help desk team will categorize and prioritize the issues, which gives them a sequence of problems to resolve. In many cases, technicians will try to handle similar problems at once so that they fix a selected group all at once.

The biggest advantage of hiring a help desk is how it integrates all your IT requests into a single place. Whenever you experience problems, you do not have to spend time wondering what to do next. Instead, you open a ticket and view the status of your issues. You can also close tickets as they have been resolved. For further information on help desk, call SynchroNet Industries Inc of West Seneca, New York for assistance. We will give you the necessary information.

Data Recovery Services


As data recovery experts, we understand how important your data is to your business. You do not want to rely on any IT company to defend your business from data loss because not every business continuity plan will prove successful. In some cases, IT companies are overly optimistic about their data protection services, and as a result, when real disaster strikes, they have not truly tested their system. Businesses are sometimes paying for a faulty backup recovery plan that will not even work.

When you choose Synchronet for New York IT services, they will make sure that your data remains safe and secure so that your valuable information never becomes a loss. Most businesses that lose their data will go under within the first year. Even big companies find it hard to survive after they lose important information because they had everything in the database.

Whether your data has been corrupted, inaccessible or missing, an expert team of IT professionals will have vital company information up and running again. Why worry about data disappearing? Our company will go above and beyond the normal expectations because we want to guarantee that you will stay satisfied throughout. When you turn to us, you will save yourself both time and money in the event of a disaster.